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Interface Relays - RV8H IDEC
Interface Relays - RV8H

Space-saving 6mm width suitable for high density mounting.

♦ Screw and spring clamp terminals available.
♦ Release lever for easy locking and removal of relay.
♦ Green LED indicator makes maintenance easy.
♦ 6A contact capacity in a slim housing.
♦ Gold-plated contacts for high contact reliability.

Switching Power Supplies - PS5R-V IDEC
Switching Power Supplies - PS5R-V

Space-saving DIN-rail switching power supplies.

♦ Can be installed in six mounting directions.
♦ Optional mounting bracket is available for panel mounting.
♦ EN61204-3 (Electromagnetic compatibility Class B)
♦ Meets SEMI F47 Sag Immunity (208V AC input).

Control Boxes IDEC
Control Boxes

Wide variety of boxes and switches.

♦ Stainless steel plate enclosure with high corrosion resistance.
♦ Robust aluminum enclosure.
♦ Plastic enclosure suitable for food machines.
♦ Made-to-order design available, such as control boxes with
   touch panels.
♦ Emergency stop switch control box

LF2B LEDs with universal (100 to 240V AC) and 12 / 24V DC input IDEC
LF2B LEDs with universal (100 to 240V AC) and 12 / 24V DC input

Suitable for industrial applications, such as inside machines and panels.
♦ Universal AC input for global applications.
♦ 12 / 24V DC input suitable for battery-operated equipment.
♦ IP65 waterproof & dustproof.
♦ Compact and slim design.
♦ Slim and compact design in five different lengths
   (210, 330, 580, 830, and 1,080 mm).

Circuit Protectors - NC1V IDEC
Circuit Protectors - NC1V

For overload / short-circuit protection of control panels and industrial machines.

♦ Finger-safe, spring-up terminal reduces wiring time.
♦ Auxiliary/alarm contact terminals equipped with terminal covers.
♦ 35mm-wide DIN rail mounting or direct panel mounting.

Operator Interfaces - HG4G / 3G / 2G IDEC
Operator Interfaces - HG4G / 3G / 2G

Bright and high-resolution LCD.

♦ Fast, 3-sec startup.
♦ Vivid 65,536-color graphic display.
♦ Available in 8.4 / 10.4 / 12.1-inch screen sizes.
♦ Ethernet port and SD card slot embedded.

X series Emergency Stop Switches IDEC
X series Emergency Stop Switches

Available in a wide variety of models including SEMI EMO and control box.

♦ Meets international safety standards (direct opening action,
   safety lock mechanism) to ensure safety of humans.
♦ Third-generation safety structure "Reverse Energy Structure"
♦ Short body reduces the size of panels.

22mm AP22 Series Pilot Lights IDEC
22mm AP22 Series Pilot Lights

Outstanding visibility, ideal for alerting purposes.

♦ Ultra-bright LED ensures high visibility from all directions.
♦ Available in 6 colors—amber, blue, green, red, white, and yellow.
♦ Compact design for limited spaces.

Flush Silhouette Switches LB / LBW Series IDEC
Flush Silhouette Switches LB / LBW Series

For sleek and refined style.
♦ Projects only 2 mm from front of panel. Removable contact
   blocks ideal for single board mounting.
♦ Removable contacts enable easy wiring.
♦ Short body—depth of only 27.9mm (LB series) and
   34.9mm (LBW series) behind panel.
♦ Pushbuttons, selector switches, and key selector switches with
   up to 3PDT contacts.

SmartAXIS Series FT1A Controller IDEC
SmartAXIS Series FT1A Controller

Powerful yet affordable controller for flexible use in various applications.
♦ SmartAXIS Touch is an All-in-one, 3.8-inch touchscreen
   interface and logic controller.
♦ SmartAXIS Pro (LCD Model) / Lite (No LCD Model). Enhanced
   HMI functions such as monitoring and parameter setting.
♦ Digital/analog-compatible input available for 24V DC.

Operator interface

Touchscreen / Text display

Automation organizer

Automation Organizer is the IDEC automation software suite that combines the intuitive WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2 software with the new system layout and configuration tool, WindCFG, into one package.

Power supply (Metal frame)
Power supply
Color recognition sensor
Distance & displacement sensor
Photoelectric sensor
Proximity switch
Emergency stop switch
Door interlock switch
Enabling switch
Safety controller
Relay barrier

Cam switch, Mono lever switch, Pushbutton, Selector switch

Pilot light
Signalight tower
Annunciator panel
General purpose relay
PCB relay

Force guided relay, General purpose relay, Latching relay

Solid state relay
LED machine lighting
Terminal block
Circuit protector
IEC contactor
Circuit protector
Control stations