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Load Station Series Keisoku Giken (KG) Kontakt
Load Station Series

Electronic loads, "Load Station series" is well adapted to various applications from R&D to Production use with its advantages of "High speed" and "Low operating voltage".
♦ 8 load modes (CC, CR, CV, CP, EXT, Dynamic, Sequence, Short)
♦ Lower voltage operation
♦ Parallel operation
♦ Current monitor and trigger output
♦ Standard USB interface. (GI-IB and I/O optional)

Ene-phant Series Keisoku Giken (KG) Kontakt
Ene-phant Series

It can be used as AC Load or DC Load while Regenerating the Loading Power to the Grid.
Features for AC E-load
♦ Adapted to Single phase input and 3-phase input
♦ Test voltage up to 480VAC
Features for DC E-load
♦ It can test as high as 680V ♦ Equipped with 5 basic loading modes + MPPT mode(Hill Climbing Method)

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  • Mikro Geblase TF037 Serie COPAL ELECTRONICS
CREATIVE CHIPS your ASIC Partner in Germany Creative Chips
CREATIVE CHIPS your ASIC Partner in Germany

CREATIVE CHIPS produces for more than 15 years analog, digital and mixed-signal ASICs for customers in the automation industry, for consumer goods and in the automotive field.

CETECOM – Enabling Market Access CETECOM
CETECOM – Enabling Market Access

CETECOM provides consulting, testing and certification for diverse wireless technologies.

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