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Load Station Series Keisoku Giken (KG) Kontakt
Load Station Series

Electronic loads, "Load Station series" is well adapted to various applications from R&D to Production use with its advantages of "High speed" and "Low operating voltage".
♦ 8 load modes (CC, CR, CV, CP, EXT, Dynamic, Sequence, Short)
♦ Lower voltage operation
♦ Parallel operation
♦ Current monitor and trigger output
♦ Standard USB interface. (GI-IB and I/O optional)

Ene-phant Series Keisoku Giken (KG) Kontakt
Ene-phant Series

It can be used as AC Load or DC Load while Regenerating the Loading Power to the Grid.
Features for AC E-load
♦ Adapted to Single phase input and 3-phase input
♦ Test voltage up to 480VAC
Features for DC E-load
♦ It can test as high as 680V ♦ Equipped with 5 basic loading modes + MPPT mode(Hill Climbing Method)

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